“Detox” products are a sham

As far as health is concerned, there is, unfortunately, no short road. For example, you can not lose weight through magic or fix some health troubles that have troubled you for years, overnight. This, however, does not stop companies from continuously advertising new dieting or detoxification products. In this post we will see another category of products to avoid, the detox products, which are in short fraud [1].

Detoxification products are referred to as magical. You will “clean” your body from the food toxins and so you will be healthier. Who does not want this? And yet detoxification is a function that our bodies having already when we do not eat [2]. And with the “when we do not eat”, I mean intermittently (eg in an 8-hour fasting), since prolonged abstention from food with the excuse of detoxification is dangerous [3].

Detoxification is something that sells, and companies have made a great abuse of the term in order to increase their sales. And in such cases, a good advertising is better than scientific research and evidence. Who has time for such studies and proofs when your favorite actor uses the same product?

The question of such products is not if they indeed detoxify the body, but exactly what they detoxify. They do not say that they help remove X substances from a certain category of foods but simply say they help to “detoxify” the body as a whole, so simply.

Indeed, in a study that was made a few years ago, no company selling detoxifying products was able to prove that its product did indeed have a health benefit [4].

In fact, your body detoxifies itself even as you read this article. Through the skin, urine, etc., the body expels anything that it considers to be useless and/or dangerous. If this was not done and the body did not have its own mechanism, we would most likely die of the over-concentration of toxins.

Something else that these products promise is the ease of weight loss while making a strict diet (usually low in carbohydrates, besides for many nutritionists, only flour products have toxins). Indeed, many will see a difference in their scales, strictly following their instructions, believing that this product actually has some effect.

What is true, however, is that the body will empty its glycogen stores within a little 24 hours from the time you stop consuming carbohydrates [5]. And because for every gram of glucose, the body stores three grams of water, what you lose in essence is fluid and not your fat. It goes without saying that the scale will immediately return to its original reading once you start consuming carbohydrates.

Remember that in medicine and health, there are two worlds. The one who relies on scientific research and relevant evidence, and the one who is based on good marketing and the ease with which the world is convinced by such advertising tricks.

Save your -taste- suffering and your money from these kinds of products. If you eat properly and reduce the processed foods, it is certain that you will do more good to your body than you think you do by simply drink some herbs in hot water with lemon. And when the research will prove that these products really work, you can sleep quietly away from them.


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