Why chicken is not as healthy as you think

In the last years, chicken has begun to be consumed by more and more people who prefer it instead of the pork, mainly because they think it’s healthier or “light”.

Chicken, along with turkey, is also the choice of many body-builders, who want a good, lean and cheap source of protein, since most of us think chicken does not make us fat.

Basically, it should be noted that both chicken and the pig are among the dirtiest animals that exist, regardless of the “chicken is healthy” image that has been created due to marketing. They literally eat everything from rubbish to sh*t. And especially chickens they literally eat anything they found.

Chickens that are sold in the food chains are inoculated very young, in order not to get sick and to grow up quickly. There are references to the internet for hormonal problems that are mainly due to the consumption of their wings because that’s where they are vaccinated.

In fact, antibiotics that inoculate them are likely to cause infection in women’s bladder [1] and gynecomastia in males (read more about this below) [2]. Also, according to a Harvard study, those who consume chicken and eggs often have a risk of developing prostate cancer [3].

Chicken contains large amounts of phthalates, like all poultry [4]. Phthalates are chemicals used to soften plastics and make them more flexible (they are also known as plasticizers). These chemicals do not bind to plastics, therefore, they are continuously released into air, food or liquids [5]. For humans the exposure to phthalates is clearly from their diet [6].

Poultry contains the largest amount of phthalates.

Phthalates have an anti-androgenic and estrogenic effect on men. That is, it reduces androgen hormones (testosterone) and also increases the female hormone (estrogen) [7, 8], which causes them, among other things, gynecomastia [9].

Their excessive consumption has also been linked to obesity and insulin resistance in men and women [10].

In children, it has been observed that it can reduce the size of their penis and their masculinity, making them more effeminate [11], and may influence their intelligence [12].

In short, the “healthy” poultry is not as healthy as you might think it is. If you want a good and tasty source of meat, choose rabbit instead, which has better quality, is healthier than pork and poultry, and has more protein and iron than chicken [13] and less fat and cholesterol [14, 15].


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