For better results, keep carbohydrates for the night

Many people believe that carbohydrates should be consumed until afternoon, mainly because they think that the body can “burn” them effectively than if consumed later.

And there are a lot of people who they choose only whole carbohydrates, especially after a heavy workout, thinking that with this they will lose weight but also gain muscle.

Indeed, there are a lot of nutritionists who prohibit excessive carbohydrate consumption, even after intense sports. But research shows the opposite, and in this post, we will talk about training and eating carbohydrates later in the evening since there are a lot of athletes looking for nutrition advice.

Following a specially formulated diet, where you avoid carbohydrate until post-workout, provides you with better sports performance, according to a new study [1, 2]. This study provides a better diet for athletes.

Researchers said that success in a sport is linked to the body’s ability to use fat as energy. Low-carbohydrate diets do this, but those who follow such diets for long periods of time notice that they have difficulty following intense activities or having difficulty achieving a number of heavyweight repetitions. (this can be solved having a cheat day every week).

Researchers at the French National Institute of Sport have experimented with various forms of low carbohydrate diets, particularly when avoiding carbohydrate consumption until the evening. In the morning when you wake up and avoiding carbohydrates, you are forcing your body to look at the stored fat (something that can also be achieved with intermittent fasting or under-eating in the morning), a technique wherein previous studies, however, gave different results.

This time the researchers concluded that in order for such a diet to be successful, it should be done alongside some sporting activity. To prove this, they studied 21 athletes in triathlon. Half of them consumed a standard diet, which contained carbohydrates at every meal.

The rest of the athletes followed the above formula (also called “sleep-low”) and they avoided carbohydrates until their training was over. All athletes consumed the same amount of carbohydrates. The result was that athletes who followed the sleep-low formula had better performance over time but also lost fat, as opposed to the rest that their performance remained stable.

These results show that when training is done in the afternoon and the carbohydrates are consumed afterward, it may be the key to increase your performance. Going low-carb and then eating them in plenty after the workout, combined with a light morning exercise and taking extra carbohydrates, improves the body’s ability to get its energy from the fat stores and allow athletes to exercise with intention.

Keep in mind that this research maybe does not relate to all the athletes, since it was tested in triathlon. However, with some modifications, it can be followed and by those who are already engaged in other exercises, such as (body) weight training.


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