Meet Kulbila, an African Bodybuilder with his DIY Backyard Gym

So you decide to go to the gym. One of the first things you look at is, perhaps, to be near you, to be clean and have the best machines.

Then, you will buy an mp3 player for listening to your favorite songs, while you are working out and when you are not looking at your mobile between the sets and course, a good set of workout clothes.

And don’t forget the necessary protein supplement, together with all the other trash the stores are selling. And yet, somewhere in Ghana, Africa, a 24-year-old who has nothing from the above or even a proper gym, has better results than many athletes.

This is Kulbila Samson, who is well known after “Spot me Bro” wrote about him. His DIY gym, which is under hot African’s sun, is enough for him. The Kulbila may not have a specific fitness program, but he makes sure to work the whole body during the week, that is from Monday to Friday and he rests at weekend.

His chest workout is:
Dips – 5 sets with 15, 15, 12, 10, 8 reps.
Bench press – 5 sets with 20, 15, 10, 8, 6 reps.
Inclined bench – 4 sets with 15, 12, 10, 10 reps.
Decline bench – 4 sets with 15, 12, 10, 10 reps.

For Kulbila, his diet is also important, consisting mainly of cereals, legumes and a little meat. Yes, living in an area where the meat is expensive, as well as steroids and other chemicals, for those who may think that he “cheats”. And because in a previous article I wrote about the importance of carbohydrates in a diet, this is why I wanted to post this article.

Garri, Kulbila’s main source of carbohydrate.

Although he said that he previously tried creatine, multivitamin omega-3 supplements, his diet consists mainly of carbohydrates:

Garri, legumes and bananas
Banku with baked fish
Yam (something like sweet potato) or by nkontomire stew (meat cooked with vegetables), or soup with mushrooms and Catfish.

The reason I’m writing this has to do with the fact that you don’t need to waste your money on protein shakes, creatine, and other chemicals sold or promoted by the “gurus”, you don’t have to try some dangerous diet advice or even to be on “juice”, in order to see good results.

You can have good results by following a clean diet and your body will thank about this by correcting any problems you may have. And this is not another theory, but science.

This video somehow “trolls” the “life” in the gym.


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