How To Add Whey Protein To Coffee

Many people add Whey protein to their coffee, as an easy way to get your protein without having to eat solid food (eggs, meat, dairy etc). Or they want to drink bulletproof coffee with Whey [1], but when coffee is hot, Whey can’t be mixed well. Here is a simple trick to add Whey to coffee.

Pouring hot coffee over protein powder can result in a lot of gel clumps that did not mix in, even with tons of stirring, and the protein got stuck to the bottom of the mug. There are many ways to mix whey protein with coffee, but this is the simplest and best way to add it, without the need for a blender.

Before put your coffee (or any other beverage) into your cup, add the Whey first, then put a little cool water and mix them well (Whey protein mixes well with cool water). After mixing them, just add your coffee in the cup. Enjoy your protein-powered coffee.


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